Our clients say...
Thank you for the recent contents sale at my mother's house.  Celeste  was professional, courteous, and were respectful of the home as well as the contents.  It is an overwhelming task when you are selling the contents of an estate, and Celeste and Adriana worked quickly and in a short period of time to promote this particular sale.  

Thank You!  
 Sue S.
 I can't say enough about the professionalism of COTTAGE TO KASTLE from introduction of their services through to completion of our contract.  
Celeste  thought of everything to make our sale both organized & successful.  They were sensitive to my  feelings while selling items that contributed to making my house - my home!.  
The set-up, advertising, actual sale and POST-SALE activities were professional with every detail attended to.  Their organization, friendly attitudes and experience all joined together resulting in a successful sale.
I would strongly suggest using their services when moving and would use them again if I needed.  All our thanks to Celeste, Monique  and crew!  
Barry & Judie
    A few words from more satisfied customers & prize drawing winners...

I thought your handling of the sale in Morristown was done in a very professional manner and at the same time, very friendly and personable.
I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company.
... and a nice surprise bonus arrived in the mail !
A. G.  -  Prudential New Jersey  Properties

You did in fact send me my prize ! for attending the sale in Berkeley Heights
The sale was very well run and items were set up for easy looking and purchase - Thank you!
Hi Celeste  - 
I can't believe what a wonderful job 
you guys did!!
I left such a mess and so much junk!  
When I came back - the house looked like a new house - I was shocked.  
Great Job - Thanks.
Rick C.  --  Princeton  NJ

We verbalized our thanks and appreciation numerous times to you.  Now, we will document them:

First, you and your staff were outstanding in relieving us from all the worries of the final clean up. 

Second, you guys showed outstanding care in the maintenance of our home during the sale days.  Nothing we asked of you was refused.

Celeste, You treated us like family and treated our home and its items as if it were your own.  

Your work was OUTSTANDING.

With all our gratitude, we thank you very much.

Tina & Gil

Thank you.

You are so kind and helpful.

We will certainly be sure to attend your future sales.

H. & E.

 I was very happy and   surprised to have won.

 Everything was well organized and the    people you had working the sale were very helpful & courteous.  You even had someone outside directing parking which was great I thought.

 If I ever need a house sale, you would be the  people I would call.

A. C.   

My wife and I were surprised on how well and  how friendly you both were at the sale. 

 We enjoyed our trip out there 
Your prices were very fair and we were happy to make a few purchases.  WELL DONE!

We look forward to following your sales in the future.

M & L  R.
Amazing Job ! Truly professional from presentation to proposal to final check.

Thank you Celeste and the other members of your team who we did not have a chance to meet - BECAUSE WE WERE ON A TROPICAL ISLAND ...
while you worked your magic to sell our furniture, carpets, electronics and gym equipment before our move out of state.

We truly appreciate your hard work, integrity and willingness to do whatever it takes !  THANK YOU !!!

Sue & David

Thank you! 
We were so pleasantly surprised by winning.  My husband and I have become "addicted" to estate sales.  We have 2 daughters who recently bought homes, so we are always on the look-out for them.

Of all the groups that run these estates sales, we look forward to Cottage to Kastle ones the most.  You are always well organized, friendly and have very reasonable pricing - and fair pricing.

You are also the only group to have a drawing - a nice touch!

We look forward to attending many more of your sales.  

Lenny & Mona
Thank You !

My Husband is so "excited" about moving sales now!

HE is the one looking forward to going to ALL of your sales !

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Jo S.
What a lovely surprise! 
I loved your house sale. You were professional and personable.  Your warmth and charm helped my daughter and I to feel like old friends.

The merchandise was fairly priced and well organized.  We had a ball shopping and we are so looking forward to all of your future sales.

We both loved speaking to you about house sales and your treasured country - Portugal.  See you on Saturday, old friend !

We are very pleased with your professionalism, excellent service and overall performance in completing this humongous task!

Our life was made a lot easier and less stressful because the burden was taken off our shoulders.
J. Z.
Your sale was a pleasure to attend. 

Nice quality, well priced and very well organized.  The staff -  including yourselves, were the most pleasant dealers I have dealt with in years !

We plan to attend as many of your sales as we can.

             A. & T.
I was so surprised to receive your gift.  
Thank you so much.

I love coming to your sales - Celeste, you are so warm and friendly.

I always find something to buy.  Every week before I plan my route, I check your site and put you on my list.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Always be as sweet and friendly as you are.

Wow !
Thank you very much.  
I never win anything !

It was a fun sale and I am enjoying my finds.

P.S. - I really admire your marketing skills.

B. G.

You delivered on your promise, making the entire process a breeze.

I would definitely recommend your company - especially for anyone needing to deal with an estate from far away.

B. Murray
Thank you for making our move so effortless.  It was done very professionally.  

The fact that we live in Florida and had no worries was a great relief.

E & E 
 Mendham NJ
Cottage to Kastle gave me peace of mind at a time when I was overwhelmed.

Everyone was helpful and re-assuring and always returned my calls.

It was pleasurable working with Cottage to Kastle.  Thank you.

Ruth / Basking Ridge
Hi Celeste,

 My husband  and I never knew about estate sales, until we came to you. 

We immediately became addicted to your sales. 

I check your site daily, it’s almost an obsession. 

We love everything we bought from our  first sale and we get many compliments on the pieces. 

I did attempt to go to another company’s sale, and no company sells like you do.  This is why on day 2 you having nothing left over! (sorry for the cheating). 

You and your staff are awesome, super friendly, and my kids love Joe!

I just want to say thanks Celeste.

PS- now my family is hooked on estate sales too!


You promised a lot and delivered even more... having exceeded my expectations and making my life in this matter totally carefree.

You and your Team are so professional, other businesses could learn from you!

Upon our first meeting, I knew that I could put my trust in you - worry free.

This was a totally hassle free sale for me and I am forever indebted.

Thanks again!

H. Seigelman
We recently received the above note from a very satisfied client for whom we hosted a SALE and subsequent CLEAN-OUT  /Watchung NJ
From START to FINISH - from Pricing, to Selling, to Clean-up - everything was BEYOND my expectations.

I was so thrilled about the whole experience  I can't stop talking about how easy everything was. 

A.V     Franklin Lakes NJ
Celeste -  

Thank you for offering a local lifesaver.  You made my life so much easier and it has been a pleasure to work with you.

Julia / Watchung

The day we completed, I received a call from a prospective client.

I pretty much raved about your professionalism and attention to detail as well as keeping us well informed every step of the way.

Your help was very positive and helpful as well.

Thank you again for assisting us with such short notice.
M.C. / Belle Mead - Montgomery Twp.

Thank you so much for a great job.

Finding you was one of the best things I've done considering you and I have never met and everything was done via telephone and e-mail communications.

As you know, we had a very short time frame to empty our house and you accomplished it.  

You have a 'can do' attitude.  You "always get it done".  You made my life so much easier. 
M. N.  - Tewksbury NJ
Cottage to Kastle helped make a difficult and emotional process easier. 

The interactions with Celeste were always professional yet friendly.

The assistance at the end of the sale in disposing of the leftover items was a relief.  It left us with only a minimum of stuff to take to the dump.


From one Capricorn to another

J.S. / Branchburg
What a true professional you are!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" 
in my Mom's house - she loved her "stuff".  

I did not know what I was going to do with it 
all, but then I was put in touch with you!

You saved me!

You had a 2-day Estate Sale that was a great 
success... and Mom made money too - 

The house was left cleaner than ever before - 

What a wonderful experience, what a big load off of me!

All I needed to do was give you a key!
Celeste, many Thanks.

A.S.  /  Roselle Park 

You are a true professional.

Everything you said was EXACTLY what happened.

It is nice to know that there are ETHICAL people - who are nice besides.

I would recommend anyone who needs to sell anything - to call YOU!

A.C. / Martinsville NJ

I was favorably impressed by the condition in which your sales and cleanout Team left my father's home.  

It was a great relief to read those words in your e-mail; 
"The house is cleared out and ready for your Buyers"

I had been meaning to mention one piece of replacement parquet flooring as something to save for the new owner, but it was such a small item that I kept forgetting.  

But, when I went into the utility room, I saw it there on a shelf all by itself! Thank you for thinking of it!

M. Woods / Wyckoff NJ
After talking to several Estate people for weeks, my wife and I were totally discouraged and un-impressed.

Coming back from church one Sunday, we passed by an Estate sale sign and rode several blocks by... I said to my wife 'let's turn around and check it out"

Well, our prayers were answered!

Celeste, you and your company "Cottage to Kastle" did an incredible job from start to finish with my mother's house.

Your integrity, personal touch and total professionalism impressed us all throughout a difficult personal situation.  

The clean-up was spectacular.  
Total satisfaction for a job well done !

P.S. - You can sell anything for us... anytime !

                                  J & J K
Celeste & Monique,

When I first saw two gorgeous, well groomed gals step out of their car;  my initial thought was... NO WAY they can handle 5000 sq. ft of collecting for 27 years.  BOY WAS I WRONG!

After sitting with you for just an hour, I was overwhelmed with your positive energy!
I knew by the time our meeting was over that YOU were doing my sale!  You gave me the confidence that it would go well & above all that YOU could handle it.

Being a Designer and loving the home we occupied for so long, it was difficult to let go of the things with which I had such strong connections.  You really helped me to put the situation into proper perspective & showed me how to let go.  I am sitting in the office of my empty home and I am energized and excited about moving on to the next chapter instead of dwelling on all the baggage I had here.

You not only handled our sale and the crowds of people that attended, you also handled me; with great care I might add.  I actually felt good about the excited people who took their new found treasures home.  My friends, family and dealers I know;  who were in attendance all commented on your kind, yet professional approach even though I know you were feeling under the weather.

I wish you both continued success in your great  business.  you work so very hard for your clients - you deserve the best.

K & J 
Historic House in PATERSON   NJ

Thank you for your attention to detail and thoroughness during this move.

We were afraid that selling my Dad's belongings and closing out his house would be difficult being 750 miles away...

but you made it effortless.


P.O.  Box 110     
Martinsville  NJ  08836
Thank you for helping to make our move more enjoyable.  

The stress of packing personal things was hard but, once the movers removed our items - your services were a blessing!

The ability to leave things to be sold where they were and then have you organize and sell them all and then have you complete the final process and conduct a "clean-out" of the house, accomplished something we could never do.

Cottage to Kastle (Celeste and your wonderful staff) handled the house contents sale very professionally providing proper levels of supervision and comfort for people visiting the sale.  

Cottage to Kastle also did an excellent job on the house clean-out leaving the home very clean and ready to turn over to our Buyers.  

Well worth it to have used your services at a time of high stress - you did it all and we did not have to lift a finger - NOW! That's service!

N & P / Running Brook - Bridgewater

My Family has moved more times than I can count.

Cottage to Kastle made the process entirely painless!

The staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable - 
allowing us to sell our furnishings for TOP $$$

As we were preparing for the closing on our home, 
the Attorney said 
" I imagine you are knee-deep in boxes about now!  

" My response, 
" No, we are DONE ---- 
ready for the walk-through  
Thanks to Cottage to Kastle! "

V & S
( Raritan Twp. )

​The only way to describe COTTAGE TO KASTLE is:
Professional  - Capable - Courteous & Respectful !

Celeste & her staff were wonderful, and did a fine job in order to clean out my house and facilitate my move to Florida!

They are on their " A " game and certainly demonstrated this as they handled the sale.  

It is never easy to liquidate a large house, especially those items bought over many decades, but Celeste & her Team did the very best they could do and I was very pleased with their work. 

Just nice people who know their job!

From the signage they placed around the house, to consolidating the items for sale and taking extra care of what was not to be sold to closing off private areas such as certain closets and bathrooms, they really did an A+++ job!!

You should have no hesitation to utilize their services!

Thank you Celeste!, you're the BEST!

L.B. - Fort Lee
What an EXCELLENT Experience!      

Very smooth and seamless operation! 

Many Thanks!    

S.R. / Harrington Builders

   Full Contents &
 Grand Estate Total  Demolition Sale
Far Hills NJ 
Dear Celeste,

 Thank you for your outstanding professionalism,  expertise, considerable knowledge and the thing that helped me through this process - your kindness !

Our move and downsizing would not have been possible without your support.

Thank you !

​W.K.  -  Raritan Township
Dear Celeste,

Thank you very much for the gift card to our favorite restaurant, it is very much appreciated - although not at all necessary because for us it is fun referring clients to knowledgeable, caring, excellent people like you and your team

 YOU do a wonderful job and that is gift enough!

You have done a great job every time and no doubt will continue to do so for all your clients - for any and all who are lucky enough to have you work with them.


Dear Friends,

We have been present at many of your Estate Sales.  
I am writing to be sure that we are NEVER excluded from any future sales that your company arranges.  

Never, never have we ever been unhappy with your "Friendly, old style welcomes at the door" & my only wish is that this relationship continues.  

Please note that you can use this as a testimonial.

There's simply NO hidden tricks whatsoever where this compnay is concerned!


Hi Celeste / Cottage to Kastle -

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the gift card you sent to me as the Prize Drawing Winner  for your Hillsborough NJ sale.

The sale was well done, good direction and very organized!


M.S. - ERA Statewide 

J. & S. R / Murray Hill, New Providence NJ

We had a very positive experience working with Cottage to Kastle. 

 Celeste was pleasant and cheerful throughout the whole process.   

Cottage to Kastle understood OUR needs and were expedient and efficient.    

They were very knowledgeable about the value of our belongings and very neat and organized for our contents sale.          

In short - extremely professional in all respects!

                                                                  P&M / Saddle River  NJ