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The following information will give you an idea of just some of our services - if you do not see what you need, 
please give us a call.

You will find our range of services; simply surpasses expectation.

Cottage to Kastle DOES NOT keep a store nor warehouse. 
We work for and only with our client's best interest in mind.

Estate Sale:                  

There are times when it is necessary to hold an Estate sale following the passing of a loved one or when the time arrives where it is no longer feasible for someone to live in the place they call home, or a number of other life situations which necessitate an Estate sale.

This can be a time consuming process, not to mention an emotionally  overwhelming and daunting  experience.  Cottage to Kastle will help you through this difficult time with patience, ease and respect.  

Depending on the extent of your needs, we will work with you to make it as comfortable a process as possible while always understanding and exercising the utmost care and concern not only for the individual, but also - for the home and the possessions that have on many occasions -  contributed to a lifetime of history and memories.

House Contents Sale:  ( Full or Partial Contents Sales Offered )

Whether your own home or one for which you are now responsible is listed for sale or has just gone under contract and you have a house full of "stuff" or select pieces which you will not be bringing with you and /or must be sold, liquidated -  call Cottage To Kastle in for a  Contents or Moving Sale.  Most often this type of sale is tied into a Clean-Out which Cottage To Kastle excels in and handles in the most considerate manner possible ( just ask our past clients! ) 

There are also instances where folks may have more than one home and wish to sell the contents of one, both or perhaps the contents of a relative's house which they may either own, have inherited, or are suddenly responsible for.   

Equally many of our clients are downsizing or moving into an entirely different size and style of home and wish to sell their existing contents   ---  Cottage to Kastle manages the entire process for you from start to finish. (Estate, House Contents and Liquidation clients oftentimes do not live in the City, State, or Country where the house/sale is held or located) - we understand the applicable factors in these situations and work with you to achieve your goals in a timely fashion, absolving you of all the stress.

Liquidation Sale:  
A liquidation sale is generally a sale where everything in a residence is being sold  - no matter what, it must sell!  

A Liquidation sale may also  be the result of  a move to a new home where the existing contents are not moving with the homeowner or part of an Estate sale.  At times the Homeowner may be  moving abroad, retiring to another part of the country or another part of the world  and has no need for  the things in the exciting residence.  In cases where specific requirements are necessary, we will work directly with you to meet and fulfill those specific needs.

Tag Sale:

A Tag Sales usually involves individual pieces one may wish to sell.  Perhaps a collection of:    Paintings, Antiquities,  Furniture or Memorabilia or oftentimes a Tag Sale is required by our clients for just a few pieces or items they no longer use or have not used in a length of time and would like to see them sold.

We will work with you to create and implement a marketing plan and either prepare you for selling these pieces, find the proper resource to assist you with your needs or take care of everything for you.

Cottage to Kastle will help you find the best venue in which to present it, resulting in the  highest possible return to you!

Staging / Organizing / "DE-CLUTTERING" :

Is there an area of your home or someone else's home that is entirely avoided because the thought of getting it in order is just unbearable?  Cottage To Kastle can help!  We will come in and work with you to provide some sanity and lots of organizational solutions.

Cottage to Kastle also offers Staging services to fit your every need, whether your  requirement is a basic re-arrangement  of  specific pieces or overall refreshment of existing spaces...  or you are putting your home on the market for sale and need it in "show condition"    --   perhaps hosting an event at your home or office and want it in what we like to call     "visitor or guest friendly"  condition Cottage To Kastle will help you achieve it.  

Additionally if you or someone you know has become impaired in any way and need to have the home set up so that it is easier to get around in or maneuver within, we can help.

Cottage to Kastle also offers Organizing services.  Let's say,  you like what you have in your home and intend to keep it - you simply need a little help getting it sorted, packaged or catalogued - Cottage To Kastle can help!

Have you ever been with someone you know and they say something along the lines of...  "I have to tackle my basement one of these days, it is just so over-crowded with stuff I need to go through"  or " My Goodness, I have not been up in the attic in so many years, I haven't a clue what's up there"  or the one we think is most often spoken...  " If you knew the shape the closets (insert any applicable word here in place of closets) were in - you would scream!" .   Get us in there - We Make it Easy! 

Cottage to Kastle will happily take on performing these types of services for a family member, friend, colleague or client to whom you wish to "gift"  services to --they will love you for it!


De-Cluttering is so much fun for us!  Some of us collect so many things, hold onto to things we may wear later or have things we just cannot see ourselves throwing out - Cottage to Kastle will help you make sense of it all !  We have even de-cluttered and organized boxes that were left noted as... " will wear or get into someday" .

So... we have these possessions all over the house (usually basements, under the bed and closets tend to be the ideal hiding places :-))     No need to buy a bigger home or store these items at someone else's house or Heaven forbid pay for a storage unit if you don't have to!   
Whom amongst us wants to hear "When are you going to get your stuff out of my basement or garage?  -  usually from... our parents or other family members  -  NO WORRIES - Cottage To Kastle can help you make sense of it all !

Moving Sale:

You’ve bought another home and need to get rid of some, most or all of your “stuff” to make room for new things in your new house  —   no problem!  Cottage to Kastle will take care of everything for you!     Cottage to Kastle will ensure the very best return for you!


Whether you are moving out of or moving into your home, give us a call  - we will help you through the complete process.

Moving Out:  Cottage to Kastle will work hand-in-hand with you to sort, pack up, package and label all of your belongings and household items so that they are "on the ready" for your move!

Moving In:  Cottage to Kastle will work with your mover's schedule and be there for you... as your guide, assistant and representative in order to make certain everything coming off the truck is brought to its proper location within your new home.  

If we have helped you with the move out process, and are setting up your new residence or perhaps you just need someone to be there because you have other plans, are at work or simply cannot be present  -  then we handle the entire process for you!  (We've even had clients be in vacation while we are working with their moving company to get everything offloaded and set then set up in the house - imagine how great that would be for you!)

Broom Swept Service:

Cottage To Kastle  provides BETTER THAN BROOM SWEPT SERVICES ! 
Moving?!   Would you rather spend your time with your family, stress free or set up a new home rather than clean out the old one?!  Cottage To Kastle makes it easy!

Garage Sale: 

This type of sale is for the most part held by the Homeowner themselves.  There are times however, when Cottage to Kastle  is called in to set up or conduct a  Garage Sale in a professional manner as the Homeowner may neither have the time nor patience to do it themselves.  We are glad to help!

Holiday and Special Occasion / Event Planning and Set up:

Cottage to Kastle is pleased to work with you to select, purchase, set up and decorate your home, office or business for the Holidays, a special dinner, occasion or event - you name it - we are there for you!

Engagement parties, Showers, Christenings, Religious Observations, Birthday parties, Receptions, Formal Dinners, Divorce parties, or that private dinner with someone special - all with your tastes, wishes  and desires in mind   ---  we will work closely with you to make it a grand and memorable event!

Yes, we will help you with suggestions, selections and arrangements for your husband - boyfriend - wife - girlfriend - partner - friends and yes, -  even Mom.

Tell us what you need to have happen along with a few details  - and we take care of the rest !  
You will look like a SUPERSTAR 
when we are done!

Senior Services:

As the population of active 55 and over adults increases, so does the necessity for specific services geared towards active adults and seniors.  Whether it  be arrangements for the staging of the home for safety purposes, or taking care of other needs —Cottage to Kastle is honored to be of assistance.  (Please call with your specific request and we will discuss what we can do to help you or we will graciously refer you to someone who may be able to help)

We are especially pleased to be able to help our active adult clients, whom we feel are so very  deserving of  all the love and respect in the world!

Shredding / Personal Document Neutralization Services:

On many occasions when our clients are moving or have to liquidate a home they are in charge of or may have inherited, there are documents that need to be sorted through and/or ultimately neutralized.    These are usually documents and paperwork containing financial histories and personal information which should not be placed into the trash. 

In these times, when our information can so easily be copied, stolen and compromised, it is critical to make certain all possible personal information and documents are properly handled.  

Cottage to Kastle offers Sorting and Shredding services - whether there be one box or lots of boxes , drawers or cabinets, we take care of everything for you.

The most important service Cottage to Kastle provides our clients is...


Peace of mind...
 knowing that you can entrust Cottage to Kastle to take care of everything related to the home and its contents...

Peace of mind...
 in knowing that you can spend your valuable time at work conducting business without the worry of how things at the house are going to get done...

Peace of mind...
 in knowing that while Cottage to Kastle is handling all of the concerns at the house you can spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones...

Peace of mind...
 in knowing that you have Cottage to Kastle on your side to do all the heavy and oftentimes unpleasant grunt work of clearing and cleaning out every area of the house, so you don't have to!

What more could anyone wish for....  


Real Estate related services are available for  the benefit of our Sale clients. 
We pride ourselves on the numbers or Referrals we give our clients, 
connecting them with the perfect Realtor.
All relationships are honored with the utmost consideration and integrity.
Cottage to Kastle is pleased to connect our clients with experienced professionals in the areas of their expertise.

Cottage To Kastle is highly recommended by:
 Real Estate Professionals -
Attorneys - Accountants 
Financial Planners

We have a complete resource catalogue of qualified individuals and companies to meet your every need !




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